The CD Is Almost Ready

CDBaby, Etsy, Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, new website, new bio, new photos, new posters, new videos, booking emails, cds to the publicist, new post cards.  Oh yeah, I guess there is some music involved with all of this as well!  

I started thinking about this record after a conversation with Neil about treating old lyrics in a modern/story oriented/less detached way.  It led us to thinking of the old murder ballads that told a semi true/legendary story and Wild Bill Jones peaked my interest.  It is a "blues" or "bad-man" ballad in the tradition of Stagerlee, Railroad Bill, etc...But, it has three characters instead of the usual two!  (More on that in a future blog post!)

Now, 9 months later it is almost ready for release and I can't believe the amount of thought, energy and work it has taken!  

We are just waiting to get the discs in the mail and pack them in the beautiful cases from Stumptown Printers in Portland.  Jan 1st the record should be up on Itunes and then everything else will go live asap!