Our Denver Trip- Scott's Party/Gallery Opening

Welcome to the new website!  It was designed by my old friend Scott, who was strong armed into doing it.  Scott is a fantastic photographer and designer, but web is a whole different thing!  We used squarespace, which is a sort of DYI web design program and it is pretty cool, I think.

Last weekend we went back to Denver for a mini tour that was based around a big gallery opening that Scott had.  It was all about his photography for the many great Denver bands he has worked with.  Also, they spent days building a giant installation in the middle of the gallery which was a giant ball of sticks.  Evidence below.  

It was a huge party and we had a lot of fun, there was even a three song Boulder Acoustic Society reunion.  Old school, acoustic, with our backs to the wall, just like we like it.  Nicole, Neil and I played a set on the stage, but it was so noisy that I don't think it went very well.  It was so hard to hear ourselves that I played a banjo tune with my fifth string tuned to the wrong pitch and didn't notice.  Wow,  That's loud.  

Anyway, huge thanks to Scott for the site and for the great photos and design.  Also, congrats on the great party, around 400 people showed up!!!