A nice writeup from the Utne Reader!


One of the most exciting things about folk music is how often it changes. Dozens of singers have worked and reworked old legends like “John Henry” and “Stackalee,” freely blending fact, fiction, and myth. At every step in the process, the story moves a little further from real history, but then also comes to express deeper truths about where it’s been and where it’s going. The Quiet American’s Wild Bill Jones project, a concept album about the legendary man’s life, has a similar feel. Mixing gorgeous original compositions with traditional and contemporary ballads about love, betrayal, and death, Wild Bill Jones adds rich perspective to the familiar story, while also adding a new layer of myth to the legend. The traditional “Keys to the Kingdom” is not a boast by Jones’ defiant killer, and Daniel Johnston didn’t write “True Love Will Find You in the End” about Jones’ onetime lover Posey. But, together with stunning original works by the husband and wife duo, the selections give a remarkable subtly and complexity to an already haunting legend. As with earlier folk legends, myth and fiction can express a greater truth.Wild Bill Jones is available now through CD Baby.    

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