My #1 Musical Influence- Mike Seeger

Historian, musicologist, teacher, folky, traveler, hot picker, etc....His records and scholarship have been my guiding light for 10 years now.  I met him once and took a lesson at his home in Virginia in 2006.  The formal dining room of his old "plantation" house was full of instrument cases!  We went on the back porch and spent the afternoon picking banjo together.  He wouldn't take any money from me, cause the people who taught him wouldn't either.  (gulp, shrug, gasp, Dock Boggs, Tom Ashley, Tommy Jarrell, etc...)  In hindsight, I should have broke up my band, quit grad school and moved into his guest room with no hesitation.  (would he have had room for Nicole too?) 

But that didn't happen and here we are, still missing his presence, RIP.  Here are some great vids of him: