The Quiet American Vol II- Digital Download


The Quiet American Vol II- Digital Download


Musician, luthier, author, historian and songwriter; Aaron Keim is a roots music renaissance man. As The Quiet American, Aaron performs traditional and original folk music on guitar, ukulele and banjo. (which he builds himself!) Inspired by depression era string band music, old timey gospel, lo-fi garage rock and the modern indie-folk scene, The Quiet American is a compelling mix of old and new.

 “The Quiet American Vol. II,” is a showcase of Aaron as a solo act. The original songs sound like classics and the traditionals sound fresh and new. Folky dreamscapes, distorted banjo, plunky ukulele and haunting vocals are presented with an old timey, lo-fi approach. Sticker included with each purchase!!

Tracks are:
I Will Be the One
KC Jones
Whiskey Johnny
Spanish Fandango
Old Greasy Coat
Break the Hold
Talk is Cheap
Wandering Boy
When Death Comes (Creepin' in the Room)
Black Jack Daisy

Graphic Design by Scott McCormick.

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