Folk Song Garden Book- DIGITAL VERSION


Folk Song Garden Book- DIGITAL VERSION


We are so excited to offer you a product that's been years in the making, our book "Folk Song Garden". Finally, you can learn lyrics and chords to many of our original songs and our favorite folk songs!  Hand written by Nicole with a beautiful cover by Stumptown Printers in Portland, OR.  Each song has a youtube link on the page so you can hear us sing the song in the same key (and most of these songs are already recorded on our CDs). 

Songs include:

* The Bollweevil

* Carroll County Blues

* Carved Into My Heart

* Daniel In the Lion's Den

* East Virginia Blues

* I Will Be the One

* Katie Dear

* Keys to the Kingdom

* Lazy John

* The Light the Dust

* Peg and Awl

* Some These Days I'll be Gone

* Starry Crown

* Talk is Cheap

* Wading Through Deep Water

* What Will We Do with the Baby-O

* When Death Comes (Creepin' In the Room)

* Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

* Worth a Million

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