The Quiet American Vol I- Digital Download


The Quiet American Vol I- Digital Download


DISCLAIMER: This was recorded on a wax cylinder machine and transferred to CD. It sounds OLD AND SCRATCHY!

Aaron Keim, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Boulder Acoustic Society, is known for his old timey music taste and indie approach to the music business. At the 2010 Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, he met Martin Fisher who is a sound archivist and recording technician. Martin was recording musicians at the conference on a turn of the century wax cylinder recorder. Aaron got out his guitar and ukulele, sat down in front of the recording horn and turned out 5 tracks. 

Songs include:

Rove Riley Rove- traditional

Slip Baby Slip- original by Aaron Keim

Ruben's Train- traditional

She Ain't No Good- original by Aaron Keim

The Light the Dust- original by Aaron Keim

The Light the Dust- (digital version)

Invented by Thomas Edison in 1877, the wax cylinder phonograph was the first commercial recording and playback device and was popular into the 1910's when disc shaped records forced them out of business. If you think a 78rpm record sounds old and scratchy, wait till you hear the lo-fi glory of wax cylinder recordings. To make these non-electrical recordings, the musician sings into a large horn, which guides a needle as it digs into the wax cylinder. Aaron transfered his wax recordings to CD and is releasing them as The Quiet American.

For this EP Aaron recorded three original indie-folk songs and two traditional songs. This includes help from Boulder Acoustic Society on Ruben's Train. You can see them recording in front of the wax recording machine at Also, included on the CD is a digital version of the song The Light The Dust, which was recorded at the same time as the wax version.

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